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I have http://daydreamsilhoutte.tumblr.com/ Alas, that turned into a dumping ground when I really wanted it to be a blog for my love of music
I might go back and fix it up really.

Thanks for reading. Not many do, so I never get much feedback, and so…i don’t write as often as I would like. Gets tough to be inspired when you aren’t sure what readers what to read. Lol For the most part, the most obscene and gruesome of stories will always be on candiicoatedrazrbldz. My other works are on http://psychoticfaerie.webs.com/

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I just wanna say..I was absolutely not paying attention…but I thank tumblr for doing that for me. Lol Also, milestones?! I had no idea they existed on here…


I just wanna say..I was absolutely not paying attention…but I thank tumblr for doing that for me. Lol Also, milestones?! I had no idea they existed on here…

♚candii♥coated♥razrbldz♚ turned 3 today! (On the 29th of August actually. Lol #latepost #belatedbday)

♚candii♥coated♥razrbldz♚ turned 3 today! (On the 29th of August actually. Lol #latepost #belatedbday)

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DTM: .10

I looked at the cuckoo clock hanging from the wall of my shop. Four o’ clock? I smiled.

Tea time.

I had prepared the water in advance. It was still piping hot on the stove. I poured some in my cup and saucer, and walked back over to my table. I carefully steeped the tea, poured the sugar and milk, and just then…

The Cheshire Cat waltzed in.

A half smile curved on my lips. “You’re just in time. I was helping myself to some tea.” I said, politely.

"Ah, I’ll have cream only please." She said.

"Very well. What brings you here today?" I asked.

She cocked her head to one side. “Brings me here…what…hm. Ah, yes, I saw the White Rabbit last night.” She said as she collected her thoughts. Silly cat.

"Fascinating." I said, "Was her temper as unruly as it always has been?"

"Quite." The Cheshire Cat said with a laugh, "But that never deters me from speaking to her."

I nodded. “I wouldn’t see how anyone could resist talking to you. Much less her.” I said, “Besides, she’s lonely. She’s lucky to have you around.”

"Well the business is this: The White Rabbit has decided to return to Vulgarland." The Cheshire Cat said.

I spit out my tea in a fine mist before me. “WHAT?!" I asked, nearly choking.

"Oh Mad Hatter…is it really so surprising? She would have had to return eventually." The Cheshire Cat said, licking the cream in her teacup.

I regained my composure. “Well…I suppose. However, don’t you think it’s a bit soon? After all…there’s a new toy for the Queen’s leisure. To come back would mean her ultimate demise…” I said. I actually liked The White Rabbit very much, I did not wish to see her dead.

The Cheshire Cat grinned. “We’ve already established that. And therefore, she is requesting our aid.”

I nodded. I knew this day would come. I lifted the hat off of my head and rested it on the table. I ran my fingers through my silky strands of orange hair. It was a good thing I was content at the moment…I was quite mad on occasion.

But now I would have to put that madness to use very soon.

"I suggest you call on The Dormouse, The March Hare, The Caterpillar, and perhaps those twins as well…" I said.

The Cheshire Cat pouted. “But that means that I’ll be doing all the work.”

"From the looks of how long your nails are, you barely lift a finger. And I know how much you love The White Rabbit." I said with a chuckle, "If it’s too much to ask, then I shall pay the Twins and The March Hare a visit myself."

I finished my tea and got up. I gazed at myself in a full length mirror at my dark green vest, black suit pants, topped off with black combat boots. “Are you even able to see your reflection?” I asked.

"Of course silly." The Cheshire Cat said, "But let’s not change the subject here. As you know, I do believe that us citizens have grown quite unhappy under the Queen’s rule. Don’t you think we should do something to change that?"

"Ever since that mortal walked into our realm, our fates were already changed." I said, "So it’s only right that we act now."

The Cheshire Cat smirked. “Look at us, total rebels. What we speak of…is traitorous.”

"Ay. But if we don’t rid ourselves of this awful Queen, we’ll all be killed eventually. And I in particular, don’t want to have to continue to count the days until it happens. Don’t you agree? There’s no point in living here if we must live in fear and disgust."

The Cheshire Cat nodded. “That’s precisely the reason why The White Rabbit thought that she would be better off leaving. But I knew better, because she is still as anxious as ever. As long as The Red Queen lives, so will all of our fears.”

"I find it rather endearing that The White Rabbit left so that she could return as a white knight of some sort." I said with a smile.

"Indeed. I deigned to tell her the way to kill The Red Queen." The Cheshire Cat blurted.

I whipped my head around from my reflection. “I do believe my ears have mistaken me…did you just say that you KNOW how to kill The Red Queen?” I asked, my voice getting sharp.

The Cheshire Cat lowered her eyes. “I do. But I cannot say. It is not the right time. You of all people should understand that better than anyone…since you drink your tea at precisely four o’ clock, every day.”

"You are right. You must keep that secret hidden well, lest your tongue be cut from your mouth. Then again, you’d probably just make it disappear as soon the Queen would try to retrieve it." I said with a laugh.

"Have you seen our little ‘Alice’?" The Cat asked, with a suggestive smile.

"I haven’t. I assume that he’s not a particularly good looking lad, from what I’ve heard." I said.

"Just wait until the Queen fixes him up proper. He’ll be more beautiful than a thousand princes." The Cat said gleefully. She stroked her tail.

"Hm. Sounds darling. I can’t wait to see just what kind of man she makes out of him." I said with a wink.

I put on my top hat and grabbed my walking cane. “Well, I had a nice chat with you. But now there is much work to be done. I’ll be on my way now.” I said, opening the door to the shop.

I turned around and The Cheshire Cat had disappeared.


DTM: .9

I awakened with a start. I was covered in sweat and my heart was pounding heavily. My sheets felt drenched. I turned on a light and felt my moistened cheeks. Blood stained my fingers.

It’s happened.’ I thought, woefully, ‘The Red Queen…she’s going to be rid of me…

I got up and ran to my closet and got out a suitcase. I started jamming things haphazardly into it before I fell to the ground and started crying. After about five minutes, I started laughing…hysterically.

Death’s cold hands felt wrapped about my neck. I had already lost one of my stupid real world jobs…what else was there for me to do?

Maybe it’s my time to go now…' I thought. But I knew that was bullshit. I had been alive for a very long time now, and I didn't have much of a reason to stop living just yet. At least that's what I blindly wanted to believe…

I got up and grabbed my cellphone. I dialed The Cheshire Cat.

"Meoooooooow~~~" She said sleepily, "How may I help yooooooou?~~"

"I’m in deep shit." I said, my breaths labored, "The Red Queen is going to kill me. I can feel it. Her malice was sent just a few minutes ago. Did she find the man?"

"Indeed she did. I was talking with the Mad Hatter today. It seems that she’s taking a liking to him already." The Cat said.

"Good." I said, as my anger boiled in my veins, "Then we must use him to be rid of her."

"She’s starting to brainwash him as we speak. How ever are we going to turn him against her?" The Cat asked.

"Meet me at The Cute Dough Bakery in a few hours. I will devise a plan and say it there. I don’t trust these lines…" I said, rushed.

"Mmm. I agree. Farewell until then." The Cat said. Then she hung up.

It wasn’t that I was worried about the Cat getting captured. She always pulled a disappearing act and was deemed untouchable in Vulgarland. Not only that, but she was just as skilled a fighter as I. I knew she would be safe.

But the less details anyone knew about our plot, the better.

I quickly got dressed in my white suit and headed to the cafe. It was always open late. I took a seat. I kept nervously checking my watch as a waitress came over, handed me a menu, and poured some coffee.

"Gonna be another late night again?" She asked with a smile.

I smirked. “You could say that. I’ll order in a few minutes. I’m awaiting my comrade’s arrival.”

She nodded and walked away.

I rested my face in my hands. I smelled…cat

I looked up and the Cheshire Cat was gazing at me through those yellow eyes. She had came as a human. Light purple and pink streaked hair flowed around her shoulders in ringed curls.

"My Usagi-san…pardon my French here, but darling…you look like shit." She said with a chuckle.

I felt the corner of my lips twitch. “Listen, if you were on the butcher’s chopping block, I’m sure you wouldn’t look so fabulous yourself…” I spat.

"Now now, calm down. If we do things correctly, our little "Alice" will be our ace in the hole." She said, playing with her lace gloves, daintily.

I rolled my eyes. “He’s just some guy who died. There’s nothing special about him. Alice…fell because she listened to the Queen’s lies. Much like I have…” I said.

"Nothing special about him you say? I beg to differ…quite the contrary, my dearest friend. That man had nothing to live for. And now he does." The Chesire Cat said, with her famous grin.

"If only I could get close to him. If only…I could speak to him in person." I said. I felt my desperation growing by the second.

"You could. The Queen won’t be returning to this realm for sometime. Not until she grooms him to her liking." The Cheshire Cat said.

"Then I know what I must do." I said, "I must see the Queen myself. I must act like I know nothing. It will be a diversion and then you must speak to him on my behalf."

The Cheshire Cat chuckled again. “Do you really think that you’ll make it out alive? You’ll need more than my help to accomplish this feat you speak of…”

I sighed in frustration. I hated when this stupid cat was always right. “Fine.” I said finally, “Speak to the others on this matter. For now this is a plot…but I know it will soon be a full on war…”

"Ah yes, but of course. But I’m sure you already know, that in order to win a war, you must know your opponent’s weakness. Do you know The Red Queen’s weakness?" The Cheshire Cat purred.

I gave her scathing glare. “Of course not! Do you honestly think she would be stupid enough to reveal such a thing to me?! Even all the years I remained loyal to her, she doesn’t trust me. I’m certain trust doesn’t even exist in her vocabulary!”

"Well, then I think you’re setting yourself up for failure, honestly…" The Cheshire Cat said, with a wave of her hand.

I restrained myself of the urge of wanting to punch her in the face. “Shut up you stupid cat. You know more than anyone that it’s YOUR job to find out this information! And I don’t care how you do it…” I said, through clenched teeth.

"Aww…are you asking me? That’s so cute of you Usagi. I do believe your manners are getting better~" She said sweetly.

"I hate you." I said, vehemently.

"And that is why we are the best of friends. You know what they say, there’s a fine line between love and hate~~" She said, stifling a laugh. She knew my temper was getting at it’s limit, and didn’t wish to anger me further.

It was becoming apparent that the Cat knew something, but wasn’t saying it. “Speak you stupid fucking ball of fur.” I said, “I know you know something.”

She giggled. “Ah, I could never hold my poker face long enough before you. A pity…” She said, almost despondently, “At any rate, do you know why the Queen is constantly devouring the parts of others?”

"No. I thought she regarded it as a mere delicacy." I said, tilting my head to one side in puzzlement.

"She feasts on organs to retain her life force. And I’ve even seen her devour souls in sacrificial rituals. Blood…anything that has life attached to it, that is her source of power." The Cheshire Cat explained.

"So how the hell can we stop someone like that?" I asked.

The Cheshire Cat smiled and got up. “So sorry my dear friend, but that is all I can say for now. I must bid you adieu.” She began to walk out of the bakery.

STOP RIGHT THERE! You haven’t finished telling me what I need to know!” I said, rage encroaching on the edges of my vision.

As she walked to the door, she turned around. “I have said too much already. We shall meet again. By then I’m certain you’ll have figured it out for yourself. Au revoir my love.”

And with that, she left. I stormed out after I paid my bill for the coffee and began smoking.


I wanted to crawl into a ball and wither away. If this so-called “Alice” was my only hope in defeating The Red Queen, then I sure as hell hoped he could help me figure it out…

Otherwise we’d all be doomed.

Chapter 10

Belle Ze’bub, The Cannibal. - III

[Desperate Times…Call for Desperate Measures]

When it became clear to me the answers I was searching for, wouldn’t be found in a library…I decided to try my luck with a witch doctor.

I went down to my local wiccan and occult shop and looked for the shopkeeper.

"Hello?" I asked.

It was still silent, save for the sound of burning incense crackling, softly.

I heard a wisp and movement behind me. A tall, dark haired woman with a silk scarf covering her head stepped behind the counter. “What can I do for you today, my child?” She asked. Her aura was purple and mysterious. Her eyes took on a glow and she smirked. “Why are you staring at my spiritual energy so obviously?” She asked.

I looked away. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s happening to me. I need help.” I said. I was starting to shake again. But I clenched my hands into fists. “I can’t stop eating people. Please help me.”

"When you eat the flesh of certain people, do you know what happens?" She asked.

I shook my head fervently.

"Not only do you take on their qualities, you take their energy." She said, "That’s why you feel so good when you eat someone."

"So I’m NOT a cannibal?" I asked.

"You most certainly are. But you have a disease my darling. A very nasty one. However, I think you may have found a secret most have died eons searching for…" She said.

"What secret is that?" I asked.

"A way to be beautiful, smarter, and live forever. The secret to becoming a god." She said.

"I don’t want this! How can I free myself of this disease?!" I cried.

"I don’t know of any way to be honest. You’ll soon become a supernatural being if you don’t quit. But, I can try to give you a few remedies and see if it can be alleviated." She said.

"Please, I will do anything." I sobbed.

"Then give me a drop of your blood on a full moon." She said, "I will write up a ritual and encapsule your blood in an amulet. If it works, your cravings shall be sealed."

"Will there be any drawbacks?" I asked.

"The only drawback, is that you will only want to feed on a full moon. But, that only happens every so often. To me, that isn’t as bad as suffering every day of the week with that insatiable hunger of yours. You don’t want to find out what would happen if you didn’t feed." The woman said.

I nodded. “When is the next full moon?” I asked.

"Tomorrow night." The woman said, "By the way, my name is Delilah."

"My name is Belle. Nice to meet you. Thank you for helping me." I said, bowing with gratitude.

She smiled. “Ok then. See you tomorrow then. Be prepared.”

"Actually…" I said, looking at the floor, "I don’t have anywhere to go…"

She smirked again. “I knew you were interesting when you walked through that door. Things happen for a reason though. I guess when paths cross, we have no other choice but to keep on the path until they separate.”

My eyes lit up. “I’ll help you cook and clean! If you let me stay, I promise to be more of help than a burden.”

"Very well. I need to run an errand to pick up some ingredients. Watch the store. And remember, I’m a witch. I’ll know your every move. And I’ll especially know if you cross me." She said, ominously.

I gulped. “Yes ma’am.”

She smiled cheerfully. “Good.” Then she left.

Belle Ze’bub, The Cannibal. - II

[Demonic Appetite]

I ran away from school after I had finished my second victim. In fact, I didn’t even bother going home.

I hid in an alley. I couldn’t believe myself. I was disgusted. I wanted to vomit. But I knew I couldn’t, nor wouldn’t.

I turned my phone off. I didn’t want anyone to reach me.

I was shaking again. “NO!” I screamed, “NO MORE! EATING PEOPLE ISN’T NORMAL! IT’S SICK!”

I clasped my hands together tightly, forcing myself to have self control. I didn’t want to eat people anymore.

Maybe it’s because they were raw. I’m sure they would have tasted delightful if I had cooked them.
My humanity hadn’t left me yet however. And I thought the best course of action was to end my life, so as to spare many more that I would possibly take.

I walked to a bridge. I climbed and climbed until I was on the edge.

"I have to end this. I don’t want to kill people." I said, crying.

I was shaking. Not from hunger, but because I was scared. I tried to think of how my life had ended up this way. But I couldn’t find any answers. My life had always been pristine. I had loving parents. A perfect and wholesome life.

The only thing that was terrible about the whole ordeal, was me.

A jogging passerby spotted me however.

"Oh my God! Get away from there!" they yelled.

'A man? I've yet to eat a man…' I thought. I grinned and stepped off from the ledge. I carefully climbed down.

"Miss, are you crazy?! It’s dangerous up there!" He said.

"I-I’m sorry." I said, tears escaping my eyes, "I just thought that maybe I shouldn’t continue to live anymore."

He softened and grabbed my arms. “It’s ok! Things get rough, but I’m sure there are people who love and care about you! It’s late and dark out too, where are your parents?”

"I don’t have parents anymore." I said, sniffling.

"I’m sorry! Well, listen kid, things get better! You just have to keep trying!" he said.

The orange glow of the street lights were no match for my near perfect eyesight. The man was glowing with a white light. My vision…was on a spiritual plane now…

He was a kind soul. Too bad I was hungry.

"What’s your name?" He asked.

"Belle." I replied, "Belle Ze’bub."

His eyes widened in horror. “What kind of a name is that?!”

"I don’t know, and I don’t care." I thrust my hand forth and ripped through his chest with ease. I ripped out his heart. As it pulsated in my hand, the lovely scent of steak filled my nostrils. He fell to his knees and I ate his heart as he keeled over, face down.

I hoisted him over my shoulder and dragged him to the area under the bridge. I made a fire and decided to cook his hand in it, just to see how a cooked flesh would fare for me.

It was crisp. Salty. Like bacon.

Every inch of him was divine. I was in ecstasy as I devoured his flesh and meat.

After I finished my meal, I decided to go to sleep and research my disorder in the morning.

Belle Ze’bub, The Cannibal. - I

[The Point of No Return]

I’ve always considered myself a rather strange girl. I mean, sure, I have a weird name and all…

But for as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an intense craving…whenever I look at an attractive person.

I know that I’m not normal in the least. Sometimes I even wonder if I’m human. Or possessed…

I stared at my latest crush in the row in front of mine. He sat across, reclined in his desk. He had the delicious habit of sticking his pencil behind his ear to try and look cool.

And I wanted nothing more, than to take that very pencil, so sharp and innocent, and thrust it into his neck. I would then proceed to bite into his flesh and take a hearty chunk of muscle and blood…and greedily swallow it whole.

But alas, only in my fantasies…

What? I told you I was strange.

My palms were sweating. I could see that my hands were shaking. The craving was more overpowering on today apparently.

Just then, that pencil inched slowly down his ear and fell. I reached over and picked it up. His eyes met mine with horrified revulsion.

"H-here’s your pencil." I stammered.

"Thanks." He said dryly. Then he pried his pencil from my hand.

I excused myself to the girls room.

Splashing water on my face, I stared at my reflection. Ok, so I had bad acne and messy hair. So what? I grew angry at myself for being so ugly. I knew that I didn’t have a chance in hell to win my crush.

Just then, one of the popular girls in my class sauntered into the restroom. She walked into a stall and when she came out, she shoved me to the side so she could wash her hands.

"Move you scum!" She said, most haughtily.

I was shaking again. Her skin smelled so good. She just looked so delicious. I couldn’t help it anymore.

I reached for my protractor in the pocket of my sweater. I clutched the instrument and swiftly came up behind her, grabbing her hair. She screamed, but I stabbed her in the neck until she was spasming on the ground.

Here was my chance. As she lay on the ground, bleeding to death, I knelt close to her to hear her rasping and labored breaths.

"Help…" She whispered, "Someone…help me…murderer…"

I bit her fleshy and beautiful bottom lip, still covered in her luscious, pink gloss. She barely struggled, as her body was on the cusp of death as it were…

I bit harder and harder until it gave way and I could chew on it. The taste was hard to get used to at first. All I could taste was blood mixing with my saliva. But then, a burst of euphoria showered me all over as hints of cinnamon and sugar coated my tongue. I got up and looked in the mirror. I could see that my acne was clearing up.

“What the…?” I mused, perplexed.

But before I could care anymore about what was happening to my looks, I ripped open her shirt to reveal her soft and plump breasts.

I just HAD to have a taste. I bit and bit and nothing seemed to be helping. Her skin was a lot tougher to bite into than I had anticipated. Intense rage flushed through me at my frustration and I bit as hard as I could, squirting blood everywhere.

I tasted fat. Then the euphoria rushed back when I imagined that I was eating marshmallows. The taste was so strong and before I knew it, I had stripped her to the bone.

When I came to my senses, I was horrified. I was a monster.

I looked in the mirror.

I was definitely not the same person.

"What…am I?" I cried.

A student walked into the bathroom and screamed at the atrocity.

A smiled curled upon my lips. I was hungry again.

"So glad you could make it just in time for lunch." I said, licking my lips.

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